Huge Essential Cyberpunk 2077 Tips You Need To Know

Huge Essential Cyberpunk 2077 Tips You Need To Know

Skill Trees

You can basically finish the main story completely and you might not even have nearly close to that let alone to afford a full on chip so what we recommend in this case is to pay attention to all of the skill trees go into each one of them and see which one of these you think might work the best for you and only then go ahead and invest points into them because otherwise, you might just be wasting time now if you already did that don’t worry you can’t like fully ruin your character it’s just that it’s not going to be super op or anything it’s going to be okay but it’s not going to be.

Wasting Your Money

You might be wasting your money way too early especially since there are a ton of money sinks in cyberpunk while at the same time the rate at which you generate money is not going to be as fast to compensate for that and also in part because the nativegamer presents you with a ton of opportunities very early on like really awesome vehicles legendary or upgrades that you think you might need but in reality you actually don’t let’s begin with the vehicles as you play the main story you’re given more purchase options when it comes to cars and all that kind of stuff the problem is that these have a really high cost right off the bat and it’s better to just spend that money elsewhere even the most rundown kind of vehicle with a minimal speed increase is going to sell for over 10 000 aries so that’s going to be quite a big investment and of course

Free Vehicles

There are Cyberpunk 2077 cars native gamer that you get from the main story and also from the side content we will cover all the free vehicles so stay tuned for that another big money waste if you don’t plan accordingly is going to be the cyberware installs so you might think that you want to install maybe a green or a blue kind of upgrade without realizing that you’re just setting yourself up for a big disappointment the reason for that is because cyberware implants cost a lot even for the low quality ones.

Epics or Legendaries

Eventually as you progress through the story and to the side content you’re going to get way better ones like epics or legendaries that you might want to replace but now you don’t have enough money because well they basically are extremely expensive so instead decide if the impact of the implant is worth the amount that you’re spending like if you’re spending thousands of at ease for just a marginal damage increase.

It’s not going to be that great at the same time if you spend it on a functionality like double jump maybe that is worth it or maybe slow time that can also be worth it but again that’s going to be really expensive and you can totally go through a minimalistic implant kind of playthrough and still fare really well the final money sync and not sure.