Best Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers

Best Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers

Playing golf you should have every item necessary for the golf in your bag. The wedge is also an important item that should be in your bag besides the putter. Getting the best wedge is almost challenging for golfers as there are millions of wedges available in the market and online as well.

The best choice wedge will help you increase your performance and your score. On the other hand, the worst choice wedge will lead you to destruction.  For the mid handicappers choosing the best wedge is not an easy task. Some of the best wedges for mid handicappers are mentioned below.

Titleist Vokey SM6 Tour Wedges

Titleist Vokey SM6 Tour Wedge is one of the most popular wedges for mid handicappers. If you are willing to increase your performance in golf then you must consider this wedge. The wedge features the classic blade design and decreased the number of sole grinds.

The wedge is designed in a way that can increase the accuracy and control level. The parallel face structure of the wedge will allow you to increase consistency. The disadvantage of the wedge is that it does not provide as much forgiveness as compare to other wedges.

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy is one of the favorite wedges among all the wedges and considers as the best wedge in the market. This wedge enhances the performance of the golfer and helps them to produce the backspin.

This wedge gives the confidence to the golfer to make the perfect shot. It has a good grip and gives comfort to the golfer to hold it for hours. The players don’t get used easily to this wedge it takes time for them to get used to it. The quality of the wedge is not good it gets rust easily.